These comments are actual emails I have received from customers. I removed their last names to protect their identity.

John, I received the bushman today in the mail. It’s a beautiful piece! Thanks for the 3 rivers handkerchief too. That’s really cool. I’ll let you know after I have used it some. I appreciate your craftsmanship and service.

Stuart A.

Hello again! I bought a last ditch 2 from you in 2013 it has made it through 2 years of camping with teen boys that use it like a camp axe. The knife has some nicks, stains,& blood but has endured beyond what it designed for! I’m looking forward to the release of the bushman it’s definitely on my wish list.
Thanks for your time.


John, I received the Huntsman knife today in the mail. The knife is beautifully done and has some good heft to it. The sheath is excellent, too. Thanks for making such a great product.

John M.

John, Got the knife today. Its awesome. The handle feels like it was built for my hands, and the blade was sharp enough to shave with out of the box. The things got some heft to it, but it inspires confidence, you get the feeling just holding it that you can bet your life on this knife. Anyways, just wanted to say thanks and let you know how impressed I was with your craftsmanship and customer service. I will be a repeat customer. Aloha.


John, Was very pleasantly surprised when my new Huntsman arrived in the mail yesterday, especially since I’d prepared myself for a 4 month wait. What a great knife; you’ve got a real winner with this one. I love the beef of the thing, and the hilt for once fits my big hands perfectly. Also, while from your videos it’s pretty clear that sheath making is at best a necessary evil, this is frankly as good a sheath as I’ve seen from anyone. I’ve been a BHK customer for some time, and I do like their stuff, but yours is in a different class in my opinion, and I expect to be back for more. For example, in one of your videos there was a blank for a ‘Timber Wolf’ that looked very interesting, but I’m guessing that’s not one you plan to do in volume. As a small business owner myself, I’m always interested in how people found their way to me. In my case, I found you by a couple reviews that Sean Mulhall did on his YouTube channel, so his review knife got you at least one sale. I really appreciate your informative videos, and hope you keep that up. Regards.

Allan B.

John: Thank you so much for the knife. My husband absolutely was amazed by the quality and craftsmanship. I also wanted to say thank you for the tec lok-he was very excited about that as well. He’s looking forward to the next delivery-the Last Ditch 2. Thank you again.


Hi John, I received the Mosquito this past Friday and its great. Beautiful craftsmanship. The images don’t do it justice. I love the design and the heft is very impressive. I have and will continue to order more knives. I will make you aware though, that the subdued (bead blasting) finish wears down from using the kydex sheath. This is not an issue, but I thought I will let you know. Thanks.

Robert R.

Hi John, I received my Pygmy Viper tonight. This old Soldier is happy, happy, happy. What a fantastic surprise, your shipping was much faster than I anticipated. I love the weight, balance, and feel of the knife and the mycarta. Very, very nice. Keep up the great work. BTW- Enjoy you YouTube videos as well.

Scott SAlexandria, VA

John, Received the screws (for belt attachment) today, the longer ones did the trick. Thanks for sending those out to me – you’ll have a repeat customer when I’m in the market for my next knife. Thanks.

Tim H.

John, I just received the Huntsman knife from you and Brother, that is a real beauty. I can really see your craftsmanship and all the time and effort you put into it. It looks even better in person than it does in your videos. I really appreciate the added LE discount you gave me. I will show this knife around the Police Department and also post your business card on the bulletin board.

Mark B.

The Huntsman arrived today and I couldn’t be happier with it! Very solid knife! The knife looked good in the videos but looks even better in my hand, and a very nice feel. This is my first custom knife, way nicer than the factory knives that I own (probably goes without saying). I will defiantly be purchasing another knife in the future and recommending your blades to anyone that will listen. Thank you.


John, Just received the knives (Last Ditch and Master Chief) today and am impressed. Just ordered on Thursday, didn’t think they would arrive so quickly and I thank you for the quick service. Also appreciate the kit you enclosed as well as the flashlight, saw some of your videos and didn’t know how involved and labor intensive it was. saw you on scotch by the way, word of mouth is best. Again thanks!

Bruce K.

Hey John, What a beautiful Blade! ( Last- Ditch) I really love this design and the name fits. I’ve been carrying it around ever since the package arrived. Thanks so much for sending the Blade. Happy New Year,


John, Received the Blades today in fine shape. Christmas came early this year 🙂 They have the same feel as the GI model 1911. Solid, tough and ready to go to work. Thanks brother. I greatly appreciate your hard work. Following your progress on your channel, I got a real appreciation for just how hard you worked to get them to me. Take care out there.


Caddo just arrived. Very impressed John, Very! The knife is exactly how I wanted it. Just wanted to say thanks a bunch. I know you have been swamped, and of course there was Sandy and your injury. Either way, could not be happier with the Caddo. Love the blade shape/style and the 1/4 inch thick just makes it a beast. Already looking at your Last Ditch knife. Thanks again. Hope you have a good vacation and Happy Holidays!

Dave. S.

Dear Sir, I live out in the country in Oregon and have been very interested in knives and knife making – found your YouTube video’s and watched several of them. Wanted to write you to say how impressed I am with your tutorials, especially New Knife Makers LEARN from my mistakes, and How To Make and Sell Custom Knives. The information was detailed, informative, really excellent and presented well. My interest is the creative process and making a knife as a special gift for family and friends as well as some for personal use. Your video’s are great and the knives you present are awesome. I’m inspired to begin my first knife.Thanks for sharing your knowledge so graciously. I read on your website you are a Marine Corps Veteran. Thank you also for your service to our country.


Hello John, First off best of wishes to you and your family in the coming year. Just an email to let you know that my knife finally arrived after spending more than a month in customs and shipping here in The Netherlands. It took a while but it is worth the wait. Fit and finish is excellent and it feels solid like a tank. Also the sheath fits like a glove. Coming weekend I’ll be (ab)using the knife like only a quality knife can be and I know it’ll perform as expected. Thanks,

Michiel den H.

John -I just wanted to drop you a short note to thank you for your YouTube videos and to let you know how much I appreciate them as well as your work. You make beautiful knives. You have inspired me to dust of my grinder. I used to grind knives when I was in High School about 35 years ago. It was put on the back burner for the last 30 years for marriage, kids, work. I now have the time. Thank you very much and keep grinding.

Dave Sa.

John, My ‘Bushman’ was just delivered and it is everything I had hoped it would be! What a beautiful knife!!! The sheath is of such high quality and well-made, the total package will be the envy of my hunting buddies I’m sure. I want to get one of your “Jungle Knives” in the near future. Thanks,

David N.

Knife received. After I wiped the drool off of it, did my unboxing and first impression vid. Already uploading. Hope you like it. On the next batch you do, mark me down for another exactly the same but OD green micarta. Awesome knife John. Love the weight and feel. The hollow grind is flawless!



You are quite the craftsman!  My Bushman knife is nothing short of outstanding.

The attention to detail on this thing is incredible.  It boggles the mind – well, at least my mind – that someone can hand make a knife like this.  Even the way it was presented in the packaging shows an obvious passion for the work.  It’s apparent this is not strictly a vocation for you, but a labor of love as well.  It’s not just the knife because the Kydex sheath was done to perfection too.  I oscillated back and forth for a long time before buying this knife – because for me it’s expensive – but now that I have it here in my hands I can see why you charge what you do.

It’s frequently said “you get what you pay for”, but I don’t find that to be true as often as I would like.  In this case it is true though; this knife is extraordinary.  For sure, I would buy something from 3 River Blades again.

Regards, Jim



Received the Last Ditch knife today in the mail.  Needless to say, my wife was very impressed with the craftsmanship of the knife and really loves the bandana which came with the knife.  She also mentioned that the knife “feels solid in the hand.”

Also, the bluing finish on the knife seems to be a natural fit for that particular blade.

Anyway, thank you once again for producing such a high-quality knife.

John M.Dorr, MI

John, Thank you once again for your excellent craftsmanship in knife making. The Wilderness Bowie in the gun blue finish looks real bad-ass.

The fit of the knife in the sheath is also excellent. This is definitely one of your best knives to date.

John M.