3 River Blades started in 2010 in a very small shop in NYC. The company was named after the three rivers that surround the city. Manhattan Island, which we locals just call  “The CITY”,  is bounded by the Hudson River to the west and the East River to the east. To the north, the Harlem River divides Manhattan Island from the Bronx and the mainland United States.

As an avid outdoorsman, survivalist, hunter and craftsman, I have traveled to and survived in many countries and environments. I believe the most useful tool in the bush is your knife. I am a self taught knife maker. I started making knives for myself because showroom knives were too expensive and factory knives were too cheaply made.

I have made hundreds of knives and have shipped them around the world. Every single knife was handmade by me. My factory consists of a 400 square feet of space, a few grinders and some benches.  I  frequently video the knife making process and put it up on my YouTube channel to educate buyers and new knife makers.

I do not take custom orders, but instead design a knife and make a few pieces at a time. Once sold out, I design a new knife and retire that old design. I feel that this helps me concentrate on being more creative and to test newer designs.

With years of experience in the wild, my philosophy to knife making is this… keep it simple, make it comfortable, and make it tough.